The future is now; Virtual photo booths for online Conferences & Events

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COVID19 has created a new reality; in person events have transitioned to remote, virtual ones, at least for the foreseeable future!

PepsiCo (Malta) UEFA Champions League Trophy Activation

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In 2019, Photomaker had the opportunity to get involved in an activation organised by PepsiCo, the official Soft Drinks Partner of the UEFA Champions League, represented locally by Simonds Farsons Cisk Ltd., during their brand activation promoting the UEFA Champions League Cup which was brought over to Malta specifically for the occasion.

Photomaker Set up at offices of Simonds Farsons Cisk Ltd

Photomaker set up at the offices of Simonds Farsons Cisk Ltd


The UEFA Champions League Cup was brought over to Malta under heavy security and supervised at all times.  The Cup can only be touched by Winners of the League and security guards.  People travel far and wide to view it.

Photomaker during Staff Event at SFC

Staff members having their photo taken next to the UEFA Cup by a member of the Photomaker Team


The activation spanned two days and took place during three different events which targeted different audiences.  The first event was held exclusively for the employees of Simonds Farsons Cisk Ltd and held at the workplace.  An elaborate stage was set up and the focal point was the Trophy with the Photomaker photo booth in front of it.  The objective was to give each staff member the opportunity to view the Cup up close, to have their photo taken next to the exclusive Cup and to receive an instant print as a souvenir of the momentous occasion.

Staff members were given ample time to view the Cup and have their photo taken.  Each person was instantly handed a branded postcard size print to take home with them.

A typical Photomaker print portraying the EUFA Champions League Cup set up at SFC offices for the employees event.

A typical Photomaker print portraying the EUFA Champions League Cup set up at SFC offices for the employees event.

The Management of Simonds Farsons Cisk Ltd definitely came out tops in terms by this generous gesture towards their employees.


The second event was for VIPs, Senior Management and distinguished members of the Trade.  This took place at The Waterbiscuit in Bay Street.  Guests were entertained to an evening of drinks and canapés, and the event was ably presented by the popular local radio presenters Oz and Jay.  Besides the exclusive UEFA Champions Cup, the Italian celebrity and veteran football hero Stefano Tacconi was present to mingle with the guests.  Tacconi had raised the cup himself in 1985 when as goalkeeper with Juventus, the team had won the UEFA Champions League in the final against Liverpool.

Sergio Tacchini Posing with Farsons CEO Designate Mr Norman Aquilina in front of a Photomaker Photobooth

Stefano Tacconi Posing with Farsons CEO Designate Mr Norman Aquilina and Marika Caruana Smith in front of a Photomaker Photobooth

Guests were introduced to Tacconi and then posed for their photo.  A commemorative branded print carrying the Pepsi and EUFA champions league logos and portraying the guests with the celebrity with the UEFA Champions League Cup in the background was handed out to each and everyone present.


The third and last event was a public event held at The Point shopping mall in Sliema.  It was heavily publicised and drew a large crowd of both residents and foreigners who happened to be visiting the island at the time.  There was mounting excitement as crowds started to gather.  The Cup was hidden on a stage behind a curtain.  The Photomaker photo booth was strategically positioned to take advantage of the layout.  Red Electric were on stage and kick started the event with the signature tune of the UEFA Champions Cup.

Photomaker Set up at The Point Shopping Mall

Photomaker set up at The Point Shopping Mall for public event


The grand reveal of the UEFA cup positioned in front of the Photomaker Photo Booth

Seconds after the curtain drop revealing the UEFA Cup in front of the Photomaker Photo Booth at The Point shopping Mall

Oz and Jay compered the event.  The public, emotionally moved by the excitement and suspense, burst into applause as soon as the Trophy was revealed.  Stefano Tacconi was present once more and the public had the opportunity to have their photo taken with the UEFA Champions League Cup and with Stefano Tacconi on the other side totally free of charge;  it was a treat for all those present to have their picture snapped with one of football’s greats AND the UEFA Champions League Trophy in one fell swoop.

Each person who had their photo taken by Photomaker was handed their own print within a few seconds and also offered the option to share a digital copy of their shot to social media or send it by email.  85% of those present also took the opportunity to have a digital copy of their prints/shots through the social media sharing station set up on site for the event.

The Photomaker team was very proud to have been part of a such a prestigious event so meticulously planned and the result was evidently a strong, public endorsement of the Pepsi brand and UEFA.

Custom branded welcome screen on the Photomaker Photo Booth

Custom branded welcome screen on the Photomaker Photo Booth


—The End—

Photomaker Photo Mosaic Wall. Art creation at your event.

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We understand that our clients are constantly on the lookout for innovative activities that can take place during their private events or brand activations.  The photo mosaic wall from Photomaker is an experiential marketing activity that promises to become one of the main talking points at your event.  Whether you’re getting married and wish to have all your guests’ photos united in one image portraying the bridal couple, or you’re launching a luxury car or watch and wish to create a sense of tangible unity among your VIPs, the Photomaker Photo Mosaic Wall is certain to turn heads and make people pay attention.

The Photo Mosaic Wall creates digital & physical mosaics from live event photos in real-time. The photos can be automatically fetched from Instagram, Twitter, on-site photo booths  or our roaming on-site photographer’s camera.

You are probably familiar with ‘The People’s Monarch’, which is an image of the Queen at her Coronation and at her Diamond Jubilee, made up of thousands of photos of individuals, currently situated at Gatwick Airport.


The People's Monarch - The People's Picture

Photo Mosaic Wall. The People’s Monarch, Gatwick Airport.


The concept of the Photomaker Mosaic Wall is very similar;  we shoot photos of your guests live at an event, analyze the image for optimal placement in the final artwork and add an overlay.  We build a giant piece of art from multiple sources at the event. Each photo is printed on a self adhesive tile onsite with a unique code, so guests can find exactly where to place their photos on the mosaic.


Photomaker Photo Mosaic Grid

Tile by tile, the image starts to take shape.


The photo mosaic wall involves everyone at the event – this sense of inclusion ensures that everyone feels like they are all part of the big picture, or part of the brand. From up-close, one can see the individual photos – step back, and let a sense of wonderment overcome you as the mosaic is gradually revealed.

The beauty of the mosaic wall is that it can essentially run via the ‘traditional’ photo booth service you are familiar with, with the exception that your guests’ interaction does not end when they are handed their prints, but goes on beyond the moment their individual tile is attached, right up to the point when the final ‘reveal’ takes place.


A sample of a finished mosaic

Imagine having this at your next product launch!


Since the mosaic works with any kind of image input, this exponentially increases the probability of including everyone in the final mosaic!  The mosaic is guaranteed completion by the time the event finishes and the beauty of the process is that one will have the actual mosaic as a memorable token of the event.  After the event, Photomaker will also provide an High Definition digital version of the final mosaic in its entirety.   This will ensure great content for your social media feed and inevitable engagement from the guests you had at the event and beyond.




James Bond Themed Event

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It’s always a pleasure for the Photomaker team when they form part of a themed event and we couldn’t have been happier to contribute towards a recent 50th birthday party which focused on our own favourite movie. 

The planning for the event started well in advance.  David, the host, loves to throw a party and wanted to inject an element of mischief and fun into a somewhat sobering milestone.

The catering was entrusted into the able hands of Chef Stefan Hogan at Corinthia Palace Hotel, who was briefed on the chosen theme.  He created a menu which included Asian and Eastern European flavours which complemented the theme perfectly.

The invitations were inspired by Bond’s ‘Shaken not stirred’ martini penchant and played along the title of another Bond movie with the heading ‘For your eyes only’, with several references and phrases borrowed from other memorable Bond moments.

50th Bday party invitation Photomaker Photo Booth

The text was laid out in the shape of a martini glass.

The dress code for the event was ‘Black Tie’, and very elegantly dressed guests turned up on the night dressed to the nines; the venue had been enhanced by the presence of an Aston Martin at the front door, brought in for the occasion, as well as a Casino Royale sign instead of the usual house name.  The theme was set for the night.

A beautiful ice sculpture, which doubled up as a gin bar, was commissioned from Ice Cool Exhibits and delivered a couple of hours before the event.  Paul Kind had been briefed on the theme, and the sculpture was a masterpiece, carved to the shape of the iconic gun barrel that is synonymous with the James Bond theme.

Ice Sculpture Photomaker Photo Booth

Ice Sculpture created by Paul Kind.

The venue was decorated with touches of black and gold and the Photomaker photo booth was set up to complement the colour scheme.  A bespoke template was created in square 6×6 format with the gun barrel swirl used to great effect.  The photo booth service included both prints and gifs and specially curated luxury props in black and gold were provided.  Guests were able to select to have their picture taken in either colour or Black and White.

Themed print by Photomaker Photobooth

Instant prints onsite in 6×6 inches square format.


Photomaker Photo Booth Boomerang Gif with animated overlay

Boomerang Gifs with animated (fireworks) overlay and title.

When the time came to cut the cake, there was another surprise in store, with a skilfully created piece by CakeArt by Christa.  The ‘tudexo’ cake was another nod at the Bond theme over delicious baci perfection.  It tasted as good as it looked!

50th Birthday Cake Photomaker Photobooth

Baci cake covered in dark chocolate ganache. Delish!!

On their way out, guests were all offered a pair of drink coasters to take home as a memento of David’s milestone.  The coasters had been designed to look like casino poker chips to tie in with the Casino Royale theme.  Horace Enterprises was commissioned with producing them and didn’t disappoint at all.

Poker Chip coasters Photomaker Photo Booth

Cork-backed ‘poker chip’ coasters as a keepsake of the occasion.

The photo booth was busy all night long; the innovative print size and boomerang gifs were a success and greatly enjoyed by the guests in between dancing the night away and having a drink or two.

50th Birthday square prints Photomaker Photo Booth

A small selection of prints from the event.

Introducing the founder of Photomaker Photo Booth Malta

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On the occasion of Woman’s Day, we are taking the opportunity to introduce you to the Founder of Photomaker Photo Booth Malta, Michèle Vella Distefano.

Michèle came into the Photo Booth industry after spending many years organising events for schools, charities and clients.

The photo booth industry merges Michèle’s inquisitive interest in technology with her familiarity with photography.  She was brought up in a family surrounded by photos and photographic equipment; her grandfather Oscar, and later her uncle Frank, ran ‘Distefano’s Photo Studio’ on Tower Road, Sliema. For many years, this studio was the ‘go to’ for those wanting timeless portrait photography and her visits to the studio inevitably found her watching her uncle painstakingly touch up B/W photos, observing him develop prints in the dark room, or chatting with her aunt while she sorted out prints for clients. Sadly the family members involved in the studio have long since passed but the legacy lives on.
The Studio on Tower Road, Sliema.

The Studio on Tower Road, Sliema. Photo Credit: Hive Mind (Flickr)

When Michèle was living in London a few years ago, she was exposed to the positioning of photo booths in the events industry for the first time; they were being used for both entertainment and marketing purposes. She was intrigued by the software and hardware that drives these amazing machines and couldn’t stop thinking how effective and entertaining photo booths could become when used as tools for brand engagement and marketing.

In her quest to continuously learn and evolve, Michèle attended specialist photo booth training courses in both the States and the UK and continues to research and learn by being part of an international network of photo booth owners.

Since 2016, Photomaker Photo Booth Malta has become a popular name in Malta. Our services are sought both by corporate clients for brand activations and campaigns, as well as by individuals seeking a high end photo booth solution at weddings and parties.

Even as the organisation grows, Michèle continues to get involved with every enquiry and to ensure that the service delivered meets her high standards and her clients’ expectations. She is very ably assisted by her PA, a team of highly trained photo booth attendants, a designer and two I.T. consultants.

Feel free to give her a call on 9947 7794 or use the website contact form if you would like more info on our services.