Elegance & Style with Photomaker's 360° Booth

The 360 booth – Climb on & enjoy the ride.

360 Booth videos have taken the world by storm and Photomaker has been providing 360° video booth services since 2019.


Guests are invited to stand on a low platform (which we lovingly refer to as our ‘Spinner’), while our high resolution camera spins around them and shoots a short video.

So what’s the big deal you might be asking yourself?  The video we shoot is manipulated in post production so by the time guests view it, mere minutes later, it has been transformed into an eye-catching, attractive video overlaid with music and video effects, in which they themselves feature.  And of course, we make it easy for them to receive a copy of their video in real time as we know they’re dying to show it off to their friends.

Photomaker’s 360° Booth has been in high demand since events resumed post-pandemic.

We offer a totally bespoke and complete service which combines a professional set up with easy on site sharing of videos so that guests can enjoy these and have their own personal copy pretty much instantly.

Our service is complete with an onsite 360 Booth engineer and a couple of additional ambassadors who guide and encourage guests as well as show them how to receive copies of their videos.

Our service is designed to ensure that the experience is a positive one from start to finish and is delivered with the same expertise and flair that is expected from the standards we pledge to our clients.


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Our corporate clients have been using the 360° Booth to encourage interaction with their brand through experiential marketing campaigns and activations.  The results is attractive, branded visual content which the target audience is keen to share.

Besides creating an activity for guests that is honing in on their senses while they experience a VIP experience, the fact that videos are instantly viewable and shareable guarantees organic reach and increased visibility for the brand.

Guests are so enthused by the experience and so excited by the result that their immediate reaction is to share it on their fave social media account, increasing organic reach and traction on social media for the brand.

Each share on social media is a subtle, yet effective endorsement of the brand by the guest; they are not only publishing their own video but also promoting their affiliation with the brand that enabled the experience.

It’s a win win situation.



Photomaker's 360 Booth at Malta Fashion Week 2022


All 360 Booth activations are bespoke. Feel free to call or send an email for more info.

Weddings & Private Events.

The 360° Booth is equally popular at high-end weddings, birthday parties and private celebrations.


Photomaker's 360° Booth during a wedding at Manoel Island


We offer a free consultation to individuals who are considering our 360° Booth services.

Pricing starts from €600.00 / hr (including VAT).

Minimum: 2 hour booking package

Feel free to call or send an email for more info.

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