Photomaker Virtual Booth for digital events

A virtual booth?  What’s that?


A photo booth experience that respects social distancing measures.  A virtual booth is the latest innovative tool for creating memories and audience engagement at online events.

As the initial shock from the Pandemic subsides, everyone is seeking alternative ways to create social events with minimal risk.


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Have you transitioned to online events?  Various online platforms have emerged which emulate the set-up we are familiar with at conferences, trade shows and expo events. Read the blog here for some examples. Gamification and interactive experiences are key to keeping your remote audience engaged, even more so during a virtual event.  For a moment, put yourself in the position of one of your event attendees.  It can be a lonely experience sitting solo at your device, following presentation after presentation without as much as a smile at the person/s sitting next to you or at the far end of the hall.  How do you plan to keep everyone involved and entertained?  Consider including a virtual booth in the equation.

Virtual Booth mobile interface

Mobile phone users will be able to use the Photomaker virtual booth on their mobile phone using either Safari or Google Chrome.

The interactive Virtual Booth is now available.  This engaging activity is available with custom branding starting from a photo overlay & design that matches your brand, right through the Graphic User Interface / Screens, Emails and the microsite that will be created for your event. Photo, GIF and Boomerang experiences are included as standard and optional A.I background removal, scratch card competitions, surveys and mosaic wall options can be added on to ‘up’ the experience.   We are offering a free consultation with a demo to clients interested in the features. Your event attendees and guests can engage using a desktop computer, laptop or mobile phone and the virtual booth is compatible with Google Chrome and Safari iOS. If you are planning a virtual meeting or large scale event consider including a virtual booth.   The future is bright for virtual events. Feel free to call or send an email for more info.

Virtual Booth Demo

Weddings & Private Events.

The uncertainty about the lifting of crowd size restrictions on events is prompting many bridal couples to consider sticking to their original Spring and Summer wedding date for the ceremony and postponing their larger reception indefinitely. Cute bridal couple A virtual booth can contribute towards the significance on the original wedding date by bringing all their guests together in one platform. While it is great for guests to be able to watch a live stream of the ceremony, it is even more entertaining to see those guests celebrate with you through photographs which are personalised with details of the bridal couple (names and dates) and other information that is personal to them – such as a quote that is of particular significance, or a backdrop to the photos of the scenic spot where the proposal was made. Photomaker photo booth has created ‘Virtual Booth’ exactly for this reason.  Your guests can join in with your celebration from their desktop computer, laptop or mobile phone.  They can shoot photos, GIFs or Boomerangs and have them sent to any email of their own choice. Every bridal couple will be provided with an online gallery of all the images shot through the Virtual booth so you can see who joined you remotely on your special day. You will also have several options at your disposal, such as prints of all the photos shot, a book with all the prints from the virtual booth, or a digital or printed mosaic of all the shots compiled within an image of choice. We offer a free consultation if you would like to discuss the options available. Feel free to call or send an email for more info.

Virtual Booth Demo

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